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I had a chance to watch Jubilate Trego--it's amazing! It's rare to find a film that's informative, funny, and beautiful at the same time, and I've been urging all my colleagues to see it. I just want to thank you again, both for making the film and for sharing it with the library.  BR

Just saw it! Oh gosh it’s spectacular! Brad you did an awesome job.  I’m so grateful for this video. And for the entire experience.

Thank you!  JB

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Finally watched the video last night. It is

terrific - heartwarming, informative, lyrically musical (if that phrase makes sense), a wonderful trip down memory lane and a

fitting tribute to inspirational teachers -

I include Mrs. P. Thank you Brad Mays, the producers and all who made this happen. JS

Brad, great job on the video! I was especially pleased that you were able to include clips of Mr. T. conducting (still sets the bar for choral conducting in my book!) as well as the ones of other musicians telling of his reputation even beyond the US! I appreciated the recording engineer giving us alums so much credit -- not to take anything away from the impressive voices joining forces on that day -- but I was so moved by the three very gifted conductors who used limited rehearsal time so effectively and shaped the music so sincerely, making it possible for us to offer a tribute worthy of such a special teacher. So many thanks to Vincent, Gabriel and Stephanie -- and also to you, Brad, for giving us a great record of a very special day. SP

Jubilate Trego truly is a work of art!  KS

“Jubilate Trego” is a wonderful, inspiring, uplifting and masterfully directed movie about a choral teacher who made a difference in the lives of countless people. Brad Mays did an amazing job connecting the generations of students, colleagues and friends who tell the same story from different perspectives. A story of a man who truly cared about the importance of music (emphasis on choral music) and shared that honor and respect of it to all around him. Finishing with excerpts from the celebration concert was such a wonderful and heartfelt touch. The way the concert was shot (from multiple angles) was very inspiring (very few things are as boring as a choir concert shot from one static camera). The interviews were everything from silly and fun to reverent and grateful. It made me laugh and cry but most of all it brought back the importance of that time for all of us at PHS and how deeply William Trego was a part of that....

A BIG, BIG thank you to Brad Mays who made a heck of a film. Anyone who experienced PHS and Mr. Trego and Mrs. P MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! Brad, you’ve outdone yourself, my friend. JN

Brad Mays Filmmaker I just had the opportunity to watch your video Jubilate Trego. I laughed, I cried, I remembered a life well lived in Bill Trego. I was surprised how much of the music I could still sing from memory. It has been my privilege in life to sing under the direction of several superb conductors, but it was "T" and "P" that made this possible, and none, not one, has had the lasting impact that that dynamic duo has had on my life. Your video captured the impact of "T" superbly. Thank you for your work. I'm sure Bill is smiling...   DL

Tonight I was able to access a DVD drive, and watched “Jubilate Trego.” Wow! Outstanding.

I loved hearing and seeing so much that was new to me, and from so many different points of view (literally and figuratively).... How funny the observation that we were professional musicians because I’d bet that more than half (or more) are not. But a tribute to Trego’s teaching and to the love we felt for him and for one another.

I love the juxtaposition of the current choir members (so young!) whispering and watching — with their elders — and can only imagine what went through their heads. (Perhaps something like, “No way were they ever as young as we are.”)

Towards the end, after Breakforth, you see a woman in the audience (Mindy Jones maybe?) wiping away tears. You can feel the emotion in the room and the celebration of our beloved Bill Trego.


Bravo, Brad! Well done. And such a gift. **Thank you**   KC

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