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Mays does an incredible job bringing the

city to life, garnering interviews with over

fifty people along the way as activists,

artists, musicians, business people,

politicians, homeowners and many

others speak.


L.A. Parker

The Trentonian

It is so GOOD! I never loved Trenton when I worked there, I could feel the depression of people living there and I was happy to come back to Lambertville every morning.


But , seeing your film,  now I see that there is much to love about the place.And the people you interviewed were so dedicated and strong in their vision.


Your whole approach to this subject was so smart. I wasn't sure what to expect because..,well, Trenton has a bad rep to those outside. I thought it would be too depressing, maybe?  But NO! Art, music and many people in town excited about building a better community. Good to see many vocal, enlightened activists, black and white. And hope!!


I'm very impressed with how you tied it all together, weaving the two faces together.  Excellent editing and pacing. The score by Jon was perfect and kept a lot of energy going.


Howwill this documentary be used? I hope more people get to see it in Trenton and the area, not just at a film festival. Although, that is nice too.


Congratulations, you should be very proud of this, along with Barbara and the producers and everyone featured  in it.I think it will inspire many people to get excited about Trenton too.  SS

I could not be more pleased with the film. As you know from a previous discussion, I felt that Documentary was a neglected genre for a time, and is at its best with regard to social consciousness. You have achieved it - and I love its smooth, polished quality.  PR-L

I love the look of the title and the overall seemingly new rhythm brought

about by the editing changes, which I feel brings it to a still higher level of

finesse and sophistication over the other version,  which I was quite taken with.

The beginning seems to really pull you in with its immediacy and subject matter...SW

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